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Most individuals and families emigrating to Australia have never used a Migration Agent. You don’t emigrate to Australia twice! So it’s important to work with someone that you can connect with, build a rapport with, and who can get the job done at an affordable cost. Someone who speaks your language and understands your individual circumstances.

What’s to differentiate Migration Agents? Well, we’re proud to hold our 5-Star rating from MigrationAgentReviews.com but more than that, it’s why we offer our free consultations. It’s a chance for you to get to know us and vice versa. There’s no pressure, no big sales focus and we don’t talk jargon. If you’d like to work with us then great, we’d love that.


Together with our Industry Partners and Investors we are shaking up the Australian Migration Industry. Lot’s of individuals and families ask us, “why are you do affordable?” The answer is an easy one. We’re not out to profiteer from people emigrating to Australia by cashing in on the knowledge gaps of our clients. We don’t trick people with lengthy payment plans of a few hundred every month that quickly add up to thousands.

Our one-off affordable fee covers the entire process from start to finish, and anything thats required along the way. If your case needs one of our panel Australian Lawyers to look at it, that’s included. Relocation assistance and recruitment help is also part of the package. We are consistently around 37% more affordable than the industry as a whole. We don’t think they like us much, but we don’t care. We’re just not annoying like that.


Emigrate Australia™ has one goal: To make your Australian Dreams Come True. Our exceptional service and affordable fee commitment gives our clients security and peace of mind. If you are eligible to emigrate, then let Emigrate Australia™ take the stress and hassle out of securing your visas, helping with professional licenses, shipping and relocation services.

We’ve local representatives in every country in which we operate including the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and of course, Australia. You’ll always be assisted by local experts, wherever in the World you may be. We then combine this local expertise with our parent company in the United States, which allows us to prepare your application at pace and speed, without missing a beat. So what next? Well, it all begins with a Free Online Eligibility check and detailed consultation, which you can arrange here


Affordable, Professional Migration Services

We believe that all Families & Individuals wanting to Immigrate to Australia should be able to do so. Securing your visa is a complex legal process as no two applications are the same. Our prices represent the very best value available and we pride ourselves on our affordability.

Investor Visa

£2700/ Fixed Fee

Full Skilled Migration

£1495/ Fixed Fee

Partner Visas

£1850/ Fixed Fee

Emigrate Australia™ has one goal: To make your Australian Dreams Come True. Our affordable service commitment gives our clients security and peace of mind.

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