Immigrate to Australia from San Marino

How to Immigrate to Australia From San Marino

Many citizens of San Marino wish to immigrate to Australia.  Australia is Open to Sammarinese Citizens for Immigration on many fronts.  If you want to move from San Marino to Australia you are in luck.  Here at Emigrate Australia, we help individuals and families move to Australia from San Marino all the time and we can help you. 



There are numerous options for Australian Visas and Permanent Residency Options for applicants from San Marino. These Visa options include:


  • Permanent Residency Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Visas for people who have skills Australia needs (there are more than 400 professions on the list)
  • Working Holidays
  • Long Term Work Visas
  • Temporary Work Visas
  • Family Reunion Visas
  • Fiance Visas
  • Investment Visas


And more


Let our website be your guide.  If you want to migrate to Australia, work or study in Australia, this is the immigration guide for you.


Immigration to Australia from San Marino is growing. Over 420,000 Sammarinese Citizens now call Australia their permanent home.  You could join them!

Why Migrate to Australia from San Marino?

There are a lot of reasons people would want to move from San Marino to Australia, like creating a better future for their families, having a better work-life balance, pursuing higher education, or perhaps simply to escape from the bustle of urban life.


Here at Emigrate Australia, we have helped a lot of people moving to Australia from San Marino, from a variety of different backgrounds. When most people migrate from San Marino to Australia, they have a deeper familial or personal reason to relocate.   


For some, it is about lifelong dreams, and for others, it is about space and quality of life. It can be living close to the ocean, with huge sandy beaches. For some, it is reuniting with their families, while others are returning to the places where they have built great memories, either as students or in their years spent in Australia on a work-holiday visa.    


Others migrate to Australia to set up a new business, grow their existing one, or to invest in the many opportunities in the country.

Is it easier for Sammarinese Citizens to move to Australia?

The beauty of Australian immigration, and for someone looking to immigrate from San Marino, is that there is little difference in Australia in terms of citizenship. This means when it comes to migrating to Australia from San Marino, expats and Sammarinese Citizens are treated similarly.

Is immigration from San Marino to Australia hard for a Sammarinese?

While immigrating from San Marino as a Sammarinese is definitely not easy, it is no more difficult than immigrating from Britain, Europe, or the United States.

How to migrate from San Marino to Australia.

Most clients who are considering migrating out of San Marino to Australia are thinking about more of a permanent transfer, and the first visas that should be considered are Australias Visa Subclasses 189, 190, and 491. And best of all, holders of 189 and 190 Visa classes who move from San Marino to Australia are eligible to have their Permanent Residency Visa converted into Full Australian citizenship.


The 491 visa, launched in November 2019, is the regional skilled worker visa, with 14,000 places allocated each year. It is a Skilled Migration visa (points-tested) that is initially five years long, which may convert to a full permanent residence status.   


The 491 requires a nomination from a State Government or sponsorship from a qualifying family member within the designated Regional Area. The 491 applicant must be younger than 45 years of age and must have a favorable skills evaluation.    


Visa holders are allowed to move among the regions. Regional areas are defined as any area that is not included in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.   


For an expat living in San Marino, or citizen of San Marino, to migrate to Australia under Skilled Migration, they first need to qualify in a suitable occupation, then earn sufficient points so that they can be placed on the Australian Expression of Interest (EOI) system.


There are a clear set of steps involved in Applying for Permanent Residency of Australia under Their Skilled Migration – you will need to complete each of the following stages to obtain your Skill Migration Permanent Residency Visa for Australia.


  1. Identify an Occupation in Demand that appears on the In-Demand Occupation Lists
  2. Score at least 65 on the Australian Points calculator
  3. Obtain your Positive Skills Assessment
  4. Complete your English Test
  5. Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI)
  6. Wait to Receive your Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  7. Lodge your final Application
  8. Complete your Police Checks
  9. Obtain your Medical Checks
  10. Then wait to receive a Permanent Residency Visa

Can I Move to Australia from San Marino?

The first step in determining if you can immigrate to Australia under the skilled immigration program is to find out if your occupation is considered by the Australian Government as in demand.


There are 2 lists of occupations that Australia has created for its in-demand occupations, the MLTSSL  (the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List) and the STSOL  (the Short Term Strategic Occupations List).


If you can find your occupation below, you can move forward to the next step of moving to Australia as a skilled migrant.

MLTSSL – Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List


construction project manager133111
engineering manager133211
child care centre manager134111
nursing clinical director134212
primary health organisation manager134213
welfare centre manager134214
accountant (general)221111
management accountant221112
taxation accountant221113
external auditor221213
internal auditor221214
land economist224511
management consultant224711
landscape architect232112
other spatial scientist232214
chemical engineer233111
materials engineer233112
civil engineer233211
geotechnical engineer233212
quantity surveyor233213
structural engineer233214
transport engineer233215
electrical engineer233311
electronics engineer233411
industrial engineer233511
mechanical engineer233512
production or plant engineer233513
aeronautical engineer233911
agricultural engineer233912
biomedical engineer233913
engineering technologist233914
environmental engineer233915
naval architect233916
agricultural consultant234111
agricultural scientist234112
medical laboratory scientist234611
physicist (medical physicist only)234914
early childhood (pre‑primary school) teacher241111
secondary school teacher241411
special needs teacher241511
teacher of the hearing impaired241512
teacher of the sight impaired241513
special education teachers (nec)241599
medical diagnostic radiographer251211
medical radiation therapist251212
nuclear medicine technologist251213
orthotist or prosthetist251912
occupational therapist252411
speech pathologist252712
general practitioner253111
specialist physician (general medicine)253311
clinical haematologist253313
medical oncologist253314
intensive care specialist253317
renal medicine specialist253322
thoracic medicine specialist253324
specialist physicians (nec)253399
surgeon (general)253511
cardiothoracic surgeon253512
orthopaedic surgeon253514
paediatric surgeon253516
plastic and reconstructive surgeon253517
vascular surgeon253521
emergency medicine specialist253912
obstetrician and gynaecologist253913
diagnostic and interventional radiologist253917
radiation oncologist253918
medical practitioners (nec)253999
nurse practitioner254411
registered nurse (aged care)254412
registered nurse (child and family health)254413
registered nurse (community health)254414
registered nurse (critical care and emergency)254415
registered nurse (developmental disability)254416
registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation)254417
registered nurse (medical)254418
registered nurse (medical practice)254421
registered nurse (mental health)254422
registered nurse (perioperative)254423
registered nurse (surgical)254424
registered nurse (paediatrics)254425
registered nurses (nec)254499
ICT business analyst261111
systems analyst261112
analyst programmer261311
developer programmer261312
software engineer261313
ICT security specialist262112
computer network and systems engineer263111
telecommunications engineer263311
telecommunications network engineer263312
rehab psychologist272311
educational psychologist272312
organisational psychologist272313
psychologists (nec)272399
social worker272511
civil engineering draftsperson312211
civil engineering technician312212
electrical engineering draftsperson312311
electrical engineering technician312312
radio communications technician313211
telecommunications field engineer313212
telecommunications network planner313213
telecommunications technical officer or technologist313214
automotive electrician321111
motor mechanic (general)321211
diesel motor mechanic321212
motorcycle mechanic321213
small engine mechanic321214
sheetmetal trades worker322211
metal fabricator322311
pressure welder322312
welder (first class)322313
fitter (general)323211
fitter and turner323212
metal machinist (first class)323214
carpenter and joiner331211
painting trades worker332211
fibrous plasterer333211
solid plasterer333212
wall and floor tiler333411
plumber (general)334111
airconditioning and mechanical services plumber334112
roof plumber334115
electrician (general)341111
electrician (special class)341112
lift mechanic341113
airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic342111
technical cable jointer342212
electronic equipment trades worker342313
electronic instrument trades worker (general)342314
electronic instrument trades worker (special class)342315
boat builder and repairer399111

STSOL – Short Term Strategic Occupations List


aquaculture farmer121111
cotton grower121211
flower grower121212
fruit or nut grower121213
grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus)121214
grape grower121215
mixed crop farmer121216
sugar cane grower121217
vegetable grower (Aus) / 121221
crop farmers (nec)121299
beef cattle farmer121312
dairy cattle farmer121313
mixed livestock farmer121317
pig farmer121318
poultry farmer121321
sheep farmer121322
livestock farmers (nec)121399
mixed crop and livestock farmer121411
sales and marketing manager131112
advertising manager131113
corporate services manager132111
finance manager132211
human resource manager132311
research and development manager132511
production manager (forestry)133511
production manager (manufacturing)133512
production manager (mining)133513
supply and distribution manager133611
health and welfare services managers 134299
school principal134311
education managers (nec)134499
ICT project manager135112
ICT managers (nec)135199
arts administrator or manager139911
laboratory manager139913
quality assurance manager139914
specialist managers (nec) except:139999
cafe or restaurant manager141111
hotel or motel manager141311
accommodation and hospitality managers 141999
customer service manager149212
conference and event organiser149311
transport company manager149413
facilities manager149913
dancer or choreographer211112
music director211212
music professionals (nec)211299
visual arts and crafts professionals 211499
artistic director212111
book or script editor212212
director (film, television, radio or stage)212312
film and video editor212314
program director (television or radio)212315
stage manager212316
technical director212317
video producer212318
newspaper or periodical editor212412
print journalist212413
technical writer212415
television journalist212416
journalists and other writers (nec)212499
company secretary221211
commodities trader222111
finance broker222112
insurance broker222113
financial brokers (nec)222199
financial market dealer222211
stockbroking dealer222213
financial dealers (nec)222299
financial investment adviser222311
financial investment manager222312
recruitment consultant223112
ICT trainer223211
gallery or museum curator224212
health information manager224213
records manager224214
organisation and methods analyst224712
patents examiner224914
information and organisation professionals224999
advertising specialist225111
marketing specialist225113
ICT account manager225211
ICT business development manager225212
ICT sales representative225213
public relations professional225311
technical sales representatives 225499
fashion designer232311
industrial designer232312
jewellery designer232313
graphic designer232411
web designer232414
interior designer232511
urban and regional planner232611
primary school teacher241213
middle school teacher (Aus) /241311
education adviser249111
art teacher (private tuition)249211
dance teacher (private tuition)249212
music teacher (private tuition)249214
private tutors and teachers (nec)249299
teacher of English to speakers of other languages249311
occupational health and safety adviser251312
hospital pharmacist251511
industrial pharmacist251512
retail pharmacist251513
health promotion officer251911
health diagnostic and promotion professionals 251999
traditional Chinese medicine practitioner252214
complementary health therapists (nec)252299
dental specialist252311
resident medical officer253112
nurse educator254211
nurse researcher254212
nurse manager254311
web developer261212
software tester261314
database administrator262111
systems administrator262113
network administrator263112
network analyst263113
ICT quality assurance engineer263211
ICT support engineer263212
ICT systems test engineer263213
ICT support and test engineers (nec)263299
judicial and other legal professionals (nec)271299
careers counsellor272111
drug and alcohol counsellor272112
family and marriage counsellor272113
rehabilitation counsellor272114
student counsellor272115
counsellors (nec)272199
social professionals (nec)272499
recreation officer272612
welfare worker272613
anaesthetic technician311211
cardiac technician311212
medical laboratory technician311213
pharmacy technician311215
medical technicians (nec)311299
meat inspector311312
primary products inspectors (nec)311399
chemistry technician311411
earth science technician311412
life science technician311413
science technicians (nec)311499
architectural draftsperson312111
building inspector312113
architectural, building and surveying technicians 312199
mechanical engineering technician312512
metallurgical or materials technician312912
mine deputy312913
hardware technician313111
ICT customer support officer313112
web administrator313113
ICT support technicians (nec)313199
aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)323111
aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical)323112
aircraft maintenance engineer (structures)323113
textile, clothing and footwear mechanic323215
metal fitters and machinists (nec)323299
precision instrument maker and repairer323314
watch and clock maker and repairer323316
vehicle body builder324211
vehicle trimmer324212
roof tiler333311
business machine mechanic342311
cabler (data and telecommunications)342411
telecommunications linesworker342413
butcher or smallgoods maker351211
dog handler or trainer361111
animal attendants and trainers (nec)361199
veterinary nurse361311
gardener (general)362211
landscape gardener362213
print finisher392111
printing machinist392311
dressmaker or tailor393213
furniture finisher394211
wood machinist394213
wood machinists and other wood trades workers394299
chemical plant operator399211
power generation plant operator399213
library technician399312
camera operator (film, television or video)399512
make up artist399514
sound technician399516
performing arts technicians (nec)399599
ambulance officer411111
intensive care ambulance paramedic411112
dental technician411213
diversional therapist411311
enrolled nurse411411
massage therapist411611
community worker411711
disabilities services officer411712
family support worker411713
residential care officer411715
youth worker411716
diving instructor (open water)452311
gymnastics coach or instructor452312
horse riding coach or instructor452313
snowsport instructor452314
swimming coach or instructor452315
tennis coach452316
other sports coach or instructor452317
sports development officer452321
sportspersons (nec)452499
contract administrator511111
program or project administrator511112
insurance loss adjuster599612
insurance agent611211
retail buyer639211

The following checklist can help you to figure out if (generally) it is possible for you to migrate from San Marino to Australia. First, in order to succeed with any type of skilled migration from San Marino, you will need to hold a job that is in demand, as specified on this checklist below.


Once you identify that your Occupation is an Occupation in Demand in Australia, as per the above list, you then have to be able to establish a minimum of 65 points in our list of points to Australian immigration.   


There are points awarded on a number of factors. Each item is discussed below, keep reading to find out how many points you will receive from Australian immigration. To immigrate from San Marino to Australia, you will certainly require 65 points, although we will always work closely with you to maximise (and improve upon) your Australian points score.    

Move to Australia from San Marino Age Points

18-24 (inclusive) 25

25-32 (inclusive) 30

33-39 (inclusive) 25

40-44 (inclusive) 15

English Language Points for Australian Immigration

Superior 20

Proficient 10

Competent 0

Immigrate to Australia from San Marino Points for Skilled Work Experience

At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years) 20 points

At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years) 15 points

At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years) 10 points

At least one but less than three years (of past 10 years) 5 points

Points for Overseas Skilled Employment when Moving to Australia from San Marino

At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years) 15 points

At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years) 10 points

At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years) 5 points

Education points for Australian Skilled Migration

PHD 20

Degree 15

Trade Certificate 10

Points for Education previously undertaken in Australia

If you’ve previously studied in Australia, then you’ll be entitled to more points :


One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution that meet the Australian Study Requirement – 5 points


If you also studied in Regional Australia, you can add further points 5

Will Speaking extra languages help my application to move to Australia?

If you are able to speak any of the below regional languages, you may be eligible for an additional 5 points.


To get points for Australian-certified community languages, you need to have a professional-level accreditation from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). To get this accreditation, you need to pass a test with NAATI.



The following languages are eligible for certification and the additional points






Australian Immigration Points for Australian Work Experience and STEM qualifications

You may get five points by having completed one professional year of work in Australia within four years prior to being invited to apply.


Once your spouse or partner has received a successful skills evaluation (and provided they are also working in a profession in the required occupations listed above), add another 10 points. If they are proficient in English, then add 5 points. STEM qualifications are science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, and would bring in 10 points.  

Australian Skilled Immigration Points for being Single or having family sponsorship into a regional area

If you are planning on migrating to Australia from San Marino by yourself, award yourself 10 points.


Getting nominated by an Australian state or territory awards 5 additional points. And receiving a nomination from the state or territory government, or sponsored by a family member who lives in Regional Australia, gives you 15 points.   


Now, add all of your points together!  If you need further help you can use the Australian Immigration Points Calculator. If you reached 65 points, then we are ready to move on to the next step.   


If not, please complete our free visa assessment to see which other Australian visas may suit your circumstances better. Australia has a great range of visas, with nearly 150 types of visas covering a wide range of circumstances.


So, if those specific visas are not right for you, it does not mean Australia does not have a visa to fit. Take our free Visa assessment to see how we can assist with your unique circumstances.

Skills Assessment for Australian Immigration

The next stage of the immigration process is compulsory for all skilled-migrant visa categories.    


It is called a skills assessment. Each profession, occupation, and trade has its own skills assessment authority, which is linked to the Department of Australian Immigration, and their job is to make sure that an applicant is what he says they are, with the correct skills, experience, and qualifications.

Lodging your Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Australian Government

With your skills assessments positively assessed, it is time to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI). It is important we make that EOI as strong as we can, because it is the details in this statement that Australia uses to determine which applications will get its call-up for applications.

What is an Invitation to Apply (ITA)?

An Invitation to Apply (ITA) can best be described as the principle approval for your visa, which allows you to migrate from San Marino to Australia.


With your ITA in hand, it is time to finalise the last phase of your Australian Visa application, as well as to undertake medical checks, police checks, and a physical.

Assessment of your Application for an Australian Visa

Once you have received the Australian visa, you are ready to move to Australia from San Marino. You do not have to move straight away (although most people do) and have up to 12 months to activate your Australian permanent residency visa.


Your Australian visa is ‘activated’ when you pass through Australia’s physical border i.e. Passport Control. Some people travel to Australia to activate their visa before emigrating. They use this trip for researching areas, finding jobs and they usually stay in serviced accommodation rather than a hotel to get a real feel for the local areas.


You should give yourself about 1 year to complete the process. Sometimes this happens faster, other times later, but one year is a good benchmark to remember.   


Start your Australian migration today by taking out our free visa assessment to find out which of Australia’s numerous visa options is the best fit for you.

Can I bring my family with me to Australia when I immigrate?

You are allowed to bring your spouse with you, as well as your dependent children.    


They will all have the same rights that you do on a visa. Your children will be able to go to school, your spouse can work.    


To learn more about how schools are run in Australia, read our guide. You might already have a region in Australia that you would like to relocate to. If you do not, below are some ideas that will start you on the path of researching potential places to live.    


If you want to find out information on immigrating to Australia from any country other than San Marino, you can find out here.


If you are interested in Studying in Australia from San Marino you can find the guide relevant to you on our  Study in Australia from San Marino page.


or find out all information about Immigrating to Australia on our homepage.



Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Australia from San Marino


While Immigrating to Australia from San Marino can seem fun and exciting do remember that it’s a complex legal process and you have no automatic right to move to Australia regardless of your country of origin.


Even if you have the required points and a positive skill assessment they may still never offer you a visa. It all depends on how many other people are applying and how they are ranked vs the needs of the Australian economy.

Immigrate to Australia from San Marino

Immigrate to Australia from San Marino