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    Immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist

    How to immigrate to australia

    Immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist

    A qualified Advertising Specialist may immigrate to Australia. This is because Australia has considered Advertising Specialist an Occupation the country needs. People approved for immigration to Australia as an Advertising Specialist may be offered permanent residence status in Australia.

    There are a number of steps to the immigration process to Australia as an Advertising Specialist. Our immigration experts are here to help you move to Australia. We can help with your application for Australian permanent residency or with your visa application for a long-term visa for Australia.

    Each application and each and every case is slightly different.

    If you are looking to immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist, you are in good hands. 

    For a comprehensive, honest, confidential discussion on emigration, visas, qualifications equivalency, working in Australia, getting an Australian licence, costs, jobs, fees, and timelines, please complete our FREE online assessment as a first step.

    Is a Advertising Specialist eligible for immigration to Australia?

    The ANZSCO Code, and What Does It Mean For an Advertising Specialist Wanting To Move To Australia.


    Australia has 2 lists covering all “Occupations on Demand”. Only the professions in those lists are eligible for applications for moving to Australia through this skilled migration scheme. Each occupation on any of the lists is given a number.


    Knowing your code, and really having the right one, is essential. Some careers are quite similar, and they have different codes. Be sure you pick the right one, because any perceived duties for an Occupation that you are going to be assessed in are unique to ANZSCO codes. Below is the complete ANZSCO Codes for Demandable Occupations for Australia. If you have any questions regarding the right code or whether or not your qualifications and experience fit the requirements, please complete our Free Visa Assessment and our team will provide the necessary information to suit your individual circumstances.


    The good news is Advertising Specialist is on the STSOL list — meaning that it is on the occupation list wanted by Australia.  This is because the occupation is deemed as important for the Australian economy, and so a permanent visa is available to applicants under the immigration program for such skilled workers. It is best to have a look to see that the details listed by the Australian government, under ANZSCO details for an Advertising Specialist, are relevant to you and your career experiences. The Australian Department of Immigration also defines the qualifications required to immigrate to Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework (“AQF”).

    Do you have to have worked in Australia to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa as an Advertising Specialist?

    No, you do not need to have work in Australia to apply. The skilled worker visa for an Advertising Specialist is all about you, your skills, and how you will contribute to Australia’s economy as a skilled migrant and meet Australia’s demand for more Advertising Specialist immigrants. It defines your right to migrate to Australia as a skilled professional an Advertising Specialist.  It is an independent visa – meaning you are not tied to an employer.

    Which Australian Visas am I eligible for as an Advertising Specialist?

    The most common mistake comes from a lack of knowledge about all of the areas where you can get points for immigration to Australia.  These points are known as your GSM points or your General Skilled Migration points.  Skilled independent visa applications for General Skilled Migration, are handled by an online system where the Australia Immigration system will assess your visa options by allocating you points for your work experience, language proficiency in English, training and age. 


    You will then be informed which visa options are open to you.  These might include the 189 or 190 skilled migrants visas, skilled regional visas whereby you agree to work in a regional area for a period of time before being able to live anywhere in Australia or s state visa, such as a victoria visa or queensland visa, where you would need to choose to live in that state to be awarded a visa for your skilled occupation.


    It is always best to discuss your specific circumstances with us here at Emigrate Australia so that we can provide a comprehensive, comprehensive evaluation, as well as all of the additional, lesser-known ways of earning Australia’s immigration points towards permanent residency.

    What is the Process to Apply for Australian Immigration as a an Advertising Specialist?

    The Immigration Process in Australia As an Advertising Specialist?. . Once you satisfy the requirements set out by ANZSCO, and calculate the minimum of 65 points for immigration, it is time to begin looking into getting your immigration case started.

    Skills Assessment for Advertising Specialist occupation codes applying to move to Australia

    Every trade, business, and occupation has its own skills evaluation bodies. It is their job to say you are what you claim to be, that you have the correct skills, experience and qualifications to work as an Advertising Specialist in Australia.


    Stage One is the collection of the Decision Ready Bundle of documents that the Assessment Body may use to verify and support the skills, training, qualifications, and experience you have. The skills evaluation is a compulsory part of the Australian immigration process, we cannot progress to the other stages of your application without it. In fact, the numbers that you are given in the skills assessment certificates are required for the next stages of the process.


    Emigrate to Australia as a Advertising Specialist on your skills assessment. The skills assessment certificate that you will receive after passing your skills assessment, validates and recognizes all your skills, qualifications, and experiences from back home. This then helps you to make your move to working in Australia, so that you are able to get all of the necessary licenses and local registrations.


    For more details on how to immigrate to Australia as a Advertising Specialist, please do not hesitate to complete our FREE online assessment to receive an in-depth consultation, without any obligation. For now, however, let us move on with the emigration to Australia process, as it applies specifically to Advertising Specialist occupations.

    Submitting your Expression Of Interest for Australian Immigration as an Advertising Specialist

    After receiving your Positive Skill Evaluation, an Expression of Interest may be submitted, putting you in the pool of applicants who are all looking to emigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist. It is important, then, to make the strongest possible case for receiving the invitation to lodge an application for your formal skilled visa.

    Receiving your Invitation To Apply (ITA) to Australia as an Advertising Specialist

    The last step in your an Advertising Specialist migration to Australia is to make a formal application to the Department of Home Affairs once you have received your invitation to apply.


    Police checks and health checks are required during this stage. What are the Australian immigration visas available to the an Advertising Specialist?.

    What are the major visas available for a Advertising Specialist applying to emigrate to Australia?

    The major skilled Visa classes, 189 and 190, carry with them a term-based permanent residence status, effective immediately

    Can my family join me in Australia when I receive my Skilled Worker Visa?

    Yes, with the added benefit that your partners might not even have to undergo an evaluation of skills themselves, per se, in any profession that they have.


    The rights and privileges granted to a primary visa-holder are passed on to partners and children automatically.  At this point all your family will be considered visa holders.

    Do I need to have an employment offier to immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist?

    The 189 Visa Class does not require an official offer of employment, though a few states and territories require it for the 190 Subclass.


    The whole purpose of the Australian skilled migration immigration scheme is for more workers from particular occupations to migrate to Australia and fill vacancies for these positions. The jobs in the “in demand” list are the ones in Australia with the jobs to fill.

    How to Calculate your General Skilled Migration points for Australia

    How to Calculate your Australian Immigration Points 

    Add your points for each section to come up with your Immigration Points Total.

    1. Points for Age to Immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist

    Your age points are calculated as within an age band until the last day before your birthday that pushes you into the next bracket.  For example you are in the 18-24 age band until the day before your 25th Birthday.  On the date of your 25th birthday you move up to the next age bracket for points purposes. 

    Age 18 – 24 = 25 points

    Age 25 – 32 = 30 points

    Age 33 – 39 = 25 points

    Age 40 – 44 = 15 points

    Age 45 –  45 is the new age limit for Australian Skilled Migration.  Once you are 45 you are not eligible for skilled migration, however, you may be able to move to Australia under one of their many other visa programs.  To find out which visa options you are eligible for – take our Free Visa Assessment.


    2. Points for English Language to Immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist

    Good  20 points

    Medium  10 points

    Basic  0 points

    3. Points for Work Experience to Immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist 

    3 to 5 years  5 points

    5 to 8 years  10 points

    8 years +  15 points

    Please note that your work experience time continues even after your application is submitted if you are working in your qualified profession.  So if you look like moving into the next experience band for work experience in the coming months – give yourself the points for the higher band as you will be into that bracket by the time the final tally of points are made by Australian Immigration as a check.

    4. Points for Qualification to Immigrate to Australia as an Advertising Specialist

    PHD  20 points

    Degree  15 points

    Trade Qualification  10 points

    5. Points for Community Language Skills.

    Languages qualifying for extra points for Immigration to Australia as an Advertising Specialist





    To gain the 5 extra points for a credentialed Community Language listed above you will need to be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters NAATI .  To become accredited you will need to pass the NAATI testing at Level 2 or above.  

    It is not enough to simply speak the language, you must have the accreditation to be able to claim the extra 5 points.  

    6. State Sponsorship and Regional Area points.

    We will always make an application across the State Sponsored visa class of Permanent Residency.  So add an extra 5 points for the State Sponsorship Visa and an extra 15 points of the Regional Visa 491 option.

    7. Partner Skills points for Australian Skilled Migration 

    If your partner is also qualified in an occupation on the Occupations in Demand Lists, and your partner is willing to undertake the skills assessment for that occupation, you can add another 5 points.

    Now add up your points.

    The minimum points you need to qualify for Australian Skilled Migration is 65.  If you have not yet reached 65 please get in contact with us through completing this free visa assessment.  There are some other ways to gain points that you might qualify for and there are other visa pathways that could be open to you.  Too many people assume they do not qualify, when indeed they do.


    Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Australia as an Advertising Specialist


    While Immigrating to Australia as an Advertising Specialist can seem fun and exciting do remember that it’s a complex legal process and you have no automatic right to move to Australia regardless of your country of origin. Even if you have the required points and a positive skill assessment that may still never offer you a visa. It all depends on how many other people are applying and how they are ranked vs the needs of the Australian economy.


    Some applicants get very frustrated in the whole process and give up, or look for easier and cheaper options to start a new life in a different country. The most popular alternative to making an Australian visa application is Immigrating to Canada as an Advertising Specialist.

    How to immigrate to australia

    How to immigrate to australia as an Advertising Specialist