Benefits of the 190 Visa

190 Visa Skilled Migration

Understanding The 190 Visa

To qualify for a 190 Visa you are required to have an occupation on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List, be aged under 45 and score over 65 points. The 190 Visa is State Nominated. This means that you would be expected to live and work in the State that Nominates you.

Take our Free Visa Checker to see if you qualify for the 190 Visa. We’ll give you the candid facts about your chances. If you don’t qualify then we’ll check and see if there’s any other Australia Visa options for you.

During your free consultation we’ll also discuss eligibility, time frames, costs, relocation and answer all the questions you’ve been searching. Emigrate Australia guarantees an exceptionally personal service at an industry-beating affordable cost.

Steps Required for the 190 Visa

Key Elements of Your 190 Application

A 190 Visa application is a complex legal process. If you have never applied for a Substantive Visa before you may only have had experience with tourist visas for various countries. Substantive Visas are different. Holders of the 190 Visa are classed as Permanent Residents of Australia. This means the work required to secure the Visa is lengthy and detailed. It also means multiple stages to ensure Australia only grants Permanent Residence to the right applicants.

Skills Assessment

Every Occupation, Trade & Profession has their own dedicated Skills Assessment body. It is the responsibility of the Assessment Authority to validate that you are who you say you are, and that you have the right skills, experience and qualifications.

Expression of Interest

The Australian Expression of Interest (EOI) is the next step in the process, where individuals express their interest in a specific visa category. You must have a Positive Skills Assessment to lodge an Expression of Interest. Once lodged, the EOI joins a pool of other EOIs for the same visa type, and candidates are invited to apply based on points score, occupation demand, state/territory sponsorship and overall eligibility.

Invitation to Apply

After being selected from the EOI pool you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The ITA can be thought of as 'approval in principle'. It means that all things being equal, based on the information provided in the EOI then Australia would like to issue your visa. However, this stage required the Formal Application. Visa fees are due at this stage, and also background and medical checks.

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Emigrate Australia™ manage your entire Australian visa application process from start to finish. Our years of experience means our Migration Consultants navigate the Australia visa process with ease and professionalism. And with Immigration Lawyers on standby at no extra charge, you can rest easy, knowing we’ve got you covered for all eventualities.

190 Visa Services

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We believe that all Families & Individuals wanting to Immigrate to Australia should be able to do so. Securing your visa is a complex legal process as no two applications are the same. Our prices represent the very best value available and we pride ourselves on our affordability.

Investor Visa

£2700/ Fixed Fee

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£1850/ Fixed Fee

Emigrate Australia™ has one goal: To make your Australian Dreams Come True. Our affordable service fee commitment gives our clients security and peace of mind.

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