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    Australia Immigration

    About Emigrate Australia

    Emigrate Australia assist people from all over the World with their Australian Migration plans and pride ourselves on making our clients dreams a reality. You’re moving job, moving house, moving country and our aim is to make the process as hassle-free as possible. We’ve been in the industry since 2000 and our highly experienced team are often called upon at briefing level for their opinions. Immigration is not just one of many legal practice areas under a common brand, we are 100% dedicated to our sector and the information we provide.

    Bespoke Service

    Work with the same professionals from start to finish who take the time to know you and your individual circumstances.

    Emigrate Australia Corporate

    Whether you are looking to relocate your entire team, or need individual bespoke advice, we can scale to your requirements accordingly.

    Simplified Billing

    We discuss our fee estimates up front and bill only when work commences on a fixed fee basis.


    Ethics are the core of our business and we are committed to delivering best practice and sound integrity. As well as taking a ‘gloves off’ approach in terms of your Professional Representation we pride ourselves on being the most friendly, honest and approachable teams in the Migration Industry.

    Emigrate Australia was founded to help people start a new life abroad. We provide effective and complete Australia Immigration Solutions. Our goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible.  We are very proud of our excellent reputation and we provide information to individuals and families from all over the world.

    Our clients require a secure future for their families, more attractive business environments and higher standards of living. Our services are designed to meet their needs. Our bespoke service, in-depth knowledge, and worldwide partnerships make us the preferred choice for organizations and private individuals alike.

    Ethics Policy

    We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset. Every employee and partner must understand the legal and regulatory framework in which we operate and our own in-house guidelines and practices.


    Emigrate Australia works hard to be an inclusive employer. We know that embracing different perspectives and celebrating diversity makes us a great place to work. It means we foster innovation and make better decisions as a business. Emigrate Australia is dedicated to equal opportunities and we welcome applicants and contributions regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, colour, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age.


    • Female 60%
    • Male 40%

    Our latest Gender Pay Gap Report, recorded a gender pay gap of  just 0.9% average. We will achieve gender parity by 2022.

    Emigrate Australia Principles

    We place particular emphasis on a practical approach and impeccable service. To ensure that we consistently satisfy the high expectations of our clients, our firm is guided by four principles which are the basis of how we work:

    • To offer our services only if we feel that we can be of genuine assistance. Without exception.
    • To present all our clients with a highly professional and personal service. Worldwide.
    • To find the best solutions available anywhere by means of a rigorous and efficient approach. At all times.
    • To base all our business on integrity and high ethical standards. Without compromise.

    The Trust Project

    Emigrate Australia is proud to support The Trust Project – to find out more click here.

    To discover if you are eligible or if you want to find more simply complete our occupation-specific assessment form and one of our team will be in touch shortly. All information provided to Emigrate Australia remains strictly confidential.