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Emigrate Australia™ has one goal: To make your Australian Dreams Come True. Our affordable service fee commitment gives our clients security and peace of mind. If you are eligible to emigrate, then let Emigrate Australia™ take the stress and hassle out of securing your visas, helping with professional licenses, shipping and relocation services.

Emigrate Australia™

Sun, Sea & a New Way of Life

At Emigrate Australia™, we take a candid approach to managing client expectations. We only accept applications that we are confident we can assist, and do not sugar-coat the Australian immigration process. Our clients appreciate our honest and transparent communication, which has contributed to our success rate of 99.7%. We prioritise our clients’ objectives and aspirations, ensuring that they are at the forefront of every action we take.

Take The First Steps to a New Life

The first step in migrating to Australia is to find out if you can. Take a Free Visa Assessment and unlock a completely free 30 minute consultation with a Migration Consultant. During this call we'll answer any and all questions you may have and explain the process in detail. We are absolutely transparent on costs and timeframes, and we'll explain how to get started.

Migrate with Confidence

Emigrate Australia™ manage your entire Australian visa application process from start to finish. Our years of experience means our Migration Consultants navigate the Australia visa process with ease and professionalism. And with Immigration Lawyers on standby at no extra charge, you can rest easy, knowing we've got you covered for all eventualities.

Our Services

Skilled Migration in Simple Stages

Emigrate Australia™ is the Low Cost, Great Service Australian Immigration Provider. With a 5 Star Exceptional Rating on Migration Agent Reviews we strive to continually deliver better results at the lowest cost. We are an International Organization, with local Country Managers in the UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Free Consultation

It all starts with your consultation. During this consultation we'll be working out the exact Australia Visa pathway for you and your circumstances. We'll explain costs, timeframe and answer any questions you have on the process. It's a chance for you to get to know us, and experience our professionalism first hand.

Getting Started

After we've confirmed your eligibility we send you a Client Care Letter. This is our Contract of Instruction. To activate your case simply sign where indicated and return to the email specified.


After case activation we'll set you up with your Documentation Portal. This portal is 100% secure and adheres to all GDPR requirements. Simply upload the requested documents for review.

Skills Assessment

The first stage of your application is Skills Assessment. Every occupation has it's own Specialist Skills Assessment body in Australia. You must have a positive Skills Assessment in order to continue. We do this for you, from start to finish.


Upon receipt of your Positive Skills Assessment we'll build out your Expression Interest. It is a formal submission to the DoHA, indicating the eligibility to apply for a skilled migration visa. The EOI is the second step in the visa process.

Formal Application

In due course we will receive an 'Invitation to Apply' on your behalf. This means that based on all previous information, you have been selected to apply for an Australian Visa and the Government Fees are now due. It is crucial no mistakes are made. However, with everything in order you will receive your Australia Visas in due course. Medicals and Background checks happen at this 'Invitation to Apply' stage.


Australia Migration Services


We handle your Australian Visas, end to end


Help you with Shipping & Relocation


Setup Australian Banking before arrival


Help with jobs after your visa is granted


Affordable, Professional Migration Services

We believe that all Families & Individuals wanting to Immigrate to Australia should be able to do so. Securing your visa is a complex legal process as no two applications are the same. Our prices represent the very best value available and we pride ourselves on our affordability.

Skills Assessment

£900/ Fixed Fee

Skilled Migration

£1800/ Fixed Fee

Partner Visas

£2850/ Fixed Fee


What Clients Say About Us

Average Ratings 4,73

Tracey S
Tracey S


HUGE thank you to Alex from Emigrate Australia for the amazing work on getting my family and my brothers family all to Australia with permanent residency visas, all inside of 1 year start to finish !!! I applied under nursing for my husband and our 3 kids, and my brother is an Electrician so he applied for his wife and their 4 kids! All 11 of us hahaha. An incredible amount of documents all just sent off to Alex who did EVERYTHING for us all. I can’t image how we would have got it all done without him. The process was so smooth and we all had our visas “called forward” inside a year. We all moved into the same suburb in Brisbane called Redland Bay.

Ivy Francis
Ivy Francis


Sophie at Emigrate Australia was so very helpful, friendly and professional in handling our visas to Australia, she made it so easy for us, even while we were in an incredibly busy time in our lives. We have 4 kids under 8 and I have been handling the process that we are making under my husband's position as a mental health nurse. We have been accepted to Australia and can’t wait to move. We truly believe it will be the best future for our growing family. We could not have done it without Sophie. My parents will be helping us with our flights to move and they hope to follow in a couple of years. I will have handle their visas as well. Thanks again from our family, you will be in our hearts forever.

Thomas R
Thomas R


My visa just came through - thanks to Alex from Emigrate Australia. I'll be in Australia after the summer. I'm planning my farewell weekend with my mates already, maybe heading to Spain for a long weekend. But most of them are already planning holidays to Australia now they will have somewhere to crash. I'll now get started applying for Plastering jobs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and maybe Perth, those are the places I would most like to live, but I am not too fussy. I've never even been to Australia and now I'm going to live there. I'm so happy, though my parents might be a little jealous, they are wanting to look into how they can move over with me.

Emigrate Australia™ has one goal: To make your Australian Dreams Come True. Our affordable service and ‘no visa no fee’ commitment gives our clients security and peace of mind.

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